Established early 2008 to cater for an environmental sector which was in need of an experienced professional service provider, who could provide a ‘one stop shop’ approach to the environmental management of everything demanded of the most modern waste management facility, to the unique requirements of an unlined historical tip and disperse site. Irish Biotech Systems has gained significant recognition for the provision of environmental services and specialist knowledge in the field of landfill gas management in the public and private waste sectors.

Environmental Management Services:

Regulatory demands for compliance, particularly within modern licensed facilities are now becoming progressively more time consuming and costly to organisations. As a consequence, efficient environmental monitoring is rapidly gaining favourable recognition as an essential management tool, to ensure full compliance is being met and severe financial penalties or other unnecessary costs are avoided. The key team within Irish Biotech Systems have a combined total of over thirty years experience of landfill gas management and utilisation. This experience has brought us to the forefront as specialists in our field of environmental site management. We appreciate that each facility needs a monitoring service established to suit its particular requirements and our comprehensive range of services are in place to cope with this wide range of demand allowing us to tailor our packages for even the most demanding conditions.

Materials Provider:

Over the years through dealing in the procurement of polyethylene PE materials to support our environmental business, the management of Irish Biotech Systems encountered a broad range of service providers but not one that could satisfy all requirements. With Irish Biotech Systems a conscious decision was made to put a service in place whereby major manufacturers across the length and breadth of Europe, could channel their products through Irish Biotech Systems. This provides our customers with a huge range of products to choose from combined with a national handling agent to ensure that their individual needs are met directly and promptly. In conjunction with the provision of materials, we also provide an extensive technical back-up to support our clients in selecting the optimum specification for their project while also keeping them up to the minute with the latest advances in pipe technologies.

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